Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Miracle on 23rd Street

I have a friend who I often visit on 23rd street. I always complain to him about how his apartment in Gramercy wasn’t near any good coffee places, and how if I had to drink one more K-Cup at his loft, I would implode. I had this ritual where if I visited him, I would get coffee on 30th Street at Stumptown, and then trek to his place on 23rd. He asked me, “Are you so stubborn you would walk 7 streets and 3 avenues to not drink the coffee at my place?” I would then just glare at his incredulous face, which loomed in front of me like a jaunty K-Cup 'it's so convenient' excuse-ridden tanned pusher. 

A sign from the Almighty. 
However, a miracle happened on 23rd Street! Pushcart Coffee made a new location across from my friend's apartment, and I was first in line. The lady behind the counter asked me if I wanted to try their famous latte or a Stumptown coldbrew. Being a loyal Stumptowner, but also wanting a hot beverage from a reputable coffee shop, I felt like Rosemary with her baby. I got both (this is why I am poor, and I befriend freshmen to use their dining hall plans/laundry facilities). I have no shame. It was worth the shaky hands and widened pupils. The Stumptown cold brew was everything and more (pleasant taste, smooth, and bright) and the latte was essentially a hug-in-a-cup. If you're in the area, please visit Pushcart Coffee (and get a Pecan Kiss on the side - they're baked by the manager's husband!)