Thursday, September 27, 2012

Turkish Coffee Saves the Day

It was a dreary day on 11th Street. Rain was pouring, I wasn't making any progress on my term paper, and a homeless man had knocked down groceries from my arms and took off cackling with my Stoneyfield yogurt. I needed coffee. Not the subpar Starbucks coffee liquid akin to watery tar, but actual, full-bodied, and dense coffee. I immediately called a friend in the area, and we made our way to The Hummus Place at St. Mark’s. We sat in the corner table, and ordered our usual lunch specials with a side of Turkish coffee. If you haven’t had Turkish coffee, you are missing out. It is sludgy dark magic

Turkish coffee isn't a particular bean, but the method in which the coffee is prepared (something to note to all your friends when conversation dies, so they have the chance to unite and belittle you for being a snob - the ignorant masses everyone needs a common enemy). 

This is a coffee that isn't meant to be served on the go. So, whenever you need some time to unwind and catch up with a close friend, or want to look extra intellectual/cultured whilst reading Dostoevsky - revel in the rich and luxurious notes of Turkish coffee. I guarantee you will be so taken, that whenever you see a muddy puddle, you will crave for it.